Unresolved ipv6 adress in my top list

**The issue I am facing
When i look at the dashboard or the long term query of yesterday, between all Device names there is a ipv6 adress with fd00: that does not have a name associated with it.
This should map to my Desktop computer like other entries.

Details about my system:

  • Pi-hole [v5.11.3]
  • FTL [v5.16.1
  • Web Interface [v5.13]

A respective AAAA record would associate that address with a name.

IPv6 clients may not register their hostnames for IPv6 addresses with a DHCPv6 server at all, or only for some (e.g. not for IPv6 Privacy Extension addresses), and even if they did, it is not mandatory for DHCP(v6) servers to register hostnames with DNS.

If your router doesn't provide it, but you'd need that IPv6-to-hostname-association, you could opt to create the respective AAAA records via Pi-hole's Local DNS Records.

However, depending on the way the respective client constructs its IPv6 interface identifier, this may not be feasible: Some clients may create a different interface identifier upon each restart, and specific interface identifier types are even designed to change regularly (e.g. it wouldn't be uncommon to see IPv6 Privacy Extensions swap out every two hours).

Alternatively, if your router reliably supports it, you could choose to configure it to distribute an IPv4 DNS server exclusively, and not advertise a DNS server's IPv6 address at all.
This would have clients send their DNS requests via IPv4 exclusively, i.e. you would not see any IPv6 addresses in PI-hole's Query Log. Pi-hole would still happily answer any allowed request for an AAAA record with a set of IPv6 addresses, so dual-stack clients would retain their full IPv6 resolution capabilities.

You'd have to consult your router's documentation and support in order to verify whether your router would support that. It may not be enough to just switch off a local DNS IPv6 address: Any IPv6 address advertised as DNS server would have your clients by-pass PI-hole via that IPv6.

It is a AVM 7530 with ipv6 prefix that can change every time the connection drops and is re-established again.
The client in question is runing on windows 10 pro.
How exactly does the association between hostname and ip work when pi-hole is involved?
Some v6 adresses are properly connected to the same machine, which makes it look a bit weird.
The only connection to the network is done over one and the same wifi adapter.

Current FritzBox models should support deactivating IPv6 DNS servers via Home Network|Network|Network Settings|IP Addresses|IPv6 Settings.

If your 7530 is currently handling DHCP and DHCPv6, then you could try to:

a. Untick Also announce DNSv6 server via router advertisement (RFC 5006).
b. Tick Disable DHCPv6 server in the FRITZ!Box for the home network and
b.1. choose There are no other DHCPv6 servers for the home network.

This will have clients construct their IPv6 addresses via auto-configuration (SLAAC) exclusively, and will leave them with just an IPv4 address for DNS.

The one potential drawback would be that IPv6-only clients would have no means of DNS resolution. IPv4-only as well as dual-stack clients would still be fully satisfied with an IPv4 DNS server.

I am more intrested in figuring out why this setup only has partial ipv6->client name resolution. It mostly works already
Using ipv4-only is just the last resort if i get too frustrated :slight_smile:

That's already explained by my first reply:
No DNS records, no DNS resolution.

I fixed this issue on my network by adding ra-names to the IPv6 settings in dnsmasq.conf on my router (ASUS).

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