Why can't I run Pi-hole v3.3+ on Raspbian Jessie or with dnsmasq < v2.72?



Update: 2018-08-06

As of v4.0, Pi-hole ships with _FTL_DNS, our fork of dnsmasq, which should restore compatibility with Raspbian Jessie. We still recommend installing a newer OS as Jessie is EOL anyway.

By default, Raspbian Jessie only supports dnsmasq v2.72, which does not work with the log-queries=extra flag, which is required for Pi-hole v3.3+. You may see error messages such as:

dnsmasq: extraneous parameter at line 37 of /etc/dnsmasq.d/01-pihole.conf


There are two options if you can’t or don’t want to update past Jessie:

  1. Stay on Raspbian Jessie and run Pi-hole v3.2.1
  2. Upgrade dnsmasq manually to v2.76 (v2.73+)

For option one, if you already updated to Pi-hole v3.3 and realized it didn’t work, you can downgrade your Pi-hole installation:

For option, two you can follow these instructions:

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Has this been fixed?


Check apt-cache policy dnsmasq and if the version is still 2.72 then it is still the older version in the operating system repository.