Update Failed - Please contact pihole

Hi guys

I've come back to pihole after about a year away, and updated to the latest version. It's on a Pi, and has been chugging along in offline mode for ages.
The update failed, with a message to contact you guys. The update completed, but FTL doesn't work.

Expected Behaviour:

FTL to work. It's currently offline, as is DNS. I don't require DNS at the moment, as it's catered for on the router.

Actual Behaviour:

FTL and DNS are offline.

Debug Token:


You're running Raspbian Jessie, which has troubles with the current version of Pi-hole.

You have some options.

Thanks. I tried the manual install of dnsmasq, but that didn't work, so I'm upgrading to stretch.
If that doesn't work, I'll do a clean install.

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