FTL issue on new install

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to this. I have installed pihole on my raspberry pi and for some reason, I cannot get FTL to work. I have been all over the web to try to find the issue and cannot seem to figure it out. What I get when I run service pihole-FTL status is:

Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)
Active: inactive (dead)

I have tried repair and completely re-configuring everything even re-installing debian from scratch.

debug token: ld9ascd0ks

Also, the web interface says FTL offline

Pi-hole v3.3+ is not supported on Jessie:

You have a few options:

Install fresh or update to Strech and then re-install Pi-hole

or reinstall Pi-hole on a more modern operating system such as Debain/Raspbian Stretch.

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