PiHole configured as DNS + DHCP and has internet access, but no traffic logged in web console

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Expected Behaviour:

PiHole should be logging traffic in web console display as it has been (presumably) configured to control both DHCP and DNS roles.

Actual Behaviour:

Administrative web console does not display any form of web traffic, despite the fact that the PiHole server appears to be correctly assigning IPs to network and functioning as a DNS for the network. ipconfig /all of client computers indicates the correct IP address of the PiHole server as both DNS / DHCP roles. All client computers DO HAVE an external internet connection and can communicate with the router and PiHole server.

Current admin web portal displays 0 values across the banner, with the exception of "-1" domains.

My suspicion is that the router is still somehow directing traffic around the PiHole, but I could use a more experienced opinion!

I appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Debug Token:

pihole -d Token: zjhgqmexba

Thanks for the links. I ended up following the reversion instructions out of How do I revert to a previous version of Pi-hole?

So far so good! Appreciate the help.

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