Feature Requests

Closed or Out-of-scope These feature requests are out-of-scope or just not practical for us to implement at this time. Partially-implemented These are feature requests that are only partially implemented and may require some extra work on your part to get it working. Implemented The <a href="https://discourse.pi-hole.net/c/feature-requests?order=votes">most popular</a>, and community-voted Feature Requests that we have implemented and are available in the latest version of Pi-hole.
About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (3)
Possibly change default 'wildcard' regexp [Feature Requests] (16)
Support for choice of resolver and/or Web server [Partially-implemented] (13)
Possibility to Add Whitelist LISTS (URL) [Feature Requests] (4)
Block internet access at certain times [Feature Requests] (1)
Add the ability to let Pi-Hole resolve DNS ( 2 ) [Partially-implemented] (26)
Add ability to run commands / scripts after certain actions [Feature Requests] (5)
Add favicon on the "pi.hole" default page [Feature Requests] (1)
Expand Query Lists to regex [Feature Requests] (1)
More than one "Conditional Forwarding" entry in the GUI [Feature Requests] (12)
Audit Log [Implemented] (14)
Different resolver DNS option by client [Feature Requests] (4)
Show Pi uptime [Closed or Out-of-scope] (5)
Option to not log selected client(s) [Feature Requests] (4)
A global administration console for all pi holes [Feature Requests] (5)
Remove DHCP leases over webGUI ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (21)
Whitelist entries added in external .conf files [Implemented] (3)
High availability (HA) for Pi-hole (running two Pi-hole's) ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (24)
Show the blocking blacklist(s) [Partially-implemented] (5)
Apply different black/whitelist based upon the DNS request source network/subnet [Feature Requests] (1)
Tool to edit custom conf (/etc/dnsmasq.d/*) [Feature Requests] (3)
Sort Query Types [Feature Requests] (3)
Curating blocked-lists using stats [Feature Requests] (3)
Static DHCP leases 2 or more MAC fix [Feature Requests] (13)
Improve filtering by adding ability to use wildcard entries for certain host files [Feature Requests] (4)
Option all-servers for multiple DNS servers to enable minimizing the latency [Feature Requests] (8)
Settings>dhcp page display options [Feature Requests] (1)
DNS Server on alternate port [Implemented] (4)
Ability to mount pihole.log as tmpfs [Closed or Out-of-scope] (12)
"Refresh dnsmasq" button under Settings > System [Feature Requests] (13)