Supporting dnsmasq 'wildcard' blocklists

Migrating this from GitHub:

Parsing of dnsmasq formatted blocklists into a wildchar list.
Example list:

Maybe I'm missing something in that documentation link, but exactly where should that file go and how would I update the pihole config so that it can use that blocklist without placing it into dnsmasq directly (as the approach listed on the notracking github suggests)?

With Pi-hole v5.0 it moved into the database /etc/pihole/gravity.db. It can more conveniently be controlled through the CLI and web interface.

Thanks for the reply, but I still do not understand and this has only made me much more confused. Where in the CLI would I add this file? Adding it to the adlists.list file in the /etc/pihole directory did not work, which is what I was gathering I could do from that documentation link. In the CLI, where would this be handled? Is there a place where I can the link or upload the file to be parse? Are you say thing I need to manually copy and paste each line from that file line by line into the CLI (which seems very unreasonable)? Is there other, clearer or updated documentation on how to achieve/use this?

The file is not supported. I'm not sure why this FR was marked as Implemented.

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Ok, I will use the dnsmasq method given in the notracking repo. Cheers!

I removed the "implemented" status.

We support ABP-style wildcard blocklists