Client stats features

I am missing some views where the client data is combined with the query data.

For example to answer "What is the Blocked/Total ratio of each client?"
Or "Which client is most responsible for the most blocked queries?"

Maybe some enhancements on the SQL queries may help, e.g. grouping options for domain or client, where the hits are counted.

I miss some analysis options between the raw table data and the overall stats on the dashboard, especially regarding the clients.

The only view where client name and domain query is combined are the raw data tables.

Could you make some specific/concrete examples on how such data should be presented/visualized? It'd tremendously help imagining what you really want.

I think about just simple data tables with the clients in focus.

We have already the data table for one client.
By adding a "grouped by domain" option to the SQL query, where the grouped domains are counted.

For the Blocked/Total ratio, I think about the "Percentage blocked" value from the dashboard header, just per client. These number could even be added to the already existing top clients table on the dashboard for example.