Native HA Support

Hey folks,

I think Pi-Hole has grown to the point where it would be beneficial to all, for it to have full native HA Support within itself.

This feature request includes a unified UI for all managed instances of Pi-Hole. This UI should include the ability to view aggregate metrics like blocks/allows and which Pi-Hole responded to each. Similarly, users can view combined tail outputs for various existing logs that currently only are available on a single instance basis.

Additionally it should include the ability to manage configurations that would automatically be percolated to secondary Pi-Hole instances. These configs include black/whitelists, local DNA, etc. Also an ability to pause and pause on all nodes.

Long term this functionality could be expanded to allow differences in configs between specific nodes, but at first having all be uniform is probably a good first step.

For myself, I currently use Orbital-Sync, but that lacks the ability to aggregate metrics (or tail requests). This solution would include support for that natively.

Sounds like some good ideas.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. This is a free product created and supported with volunteer hours.
  2. They would probably welcome any qualified help. :slight_smile: