Some advanced features would be nice

I think that Pihole is excellent software. I use it everyday, and I get a lot of questions about it, as some people think I'm some sort of master for it (I'm not, just long time satisfied user).

There are a lot of options in Pihole, and it would be nice to have, for CLI/Linux inexperienced users, option/possibility in settings to change/set IP address, static IP and subnet and gateway for each net adapter, and even possibility to turn off adapters (at least one has to stay on).

Also, a lot of users have oled displays, and it's a bit messed up to install all support for that. It would be useful to have all embedded in Pihole, with possibility to select what would be on that screen.

I'm not a programmer of that level to create such stuff, that's why I'm writing here, as a sort of feature request.... It would be nice to have that, if possible.

Thank you, and best regards to all Pihole staff and all community!

I think the Pi-hole system has moved away from getting involved in host networking. It used to be that you could configure the host IP during installation. In more recent times this would often cause tension between Pi-hole trying to configure the system, and the underlying networking such as Network Manager, and caused a fair amount of support requests to try and untangle everything.

Now Pi-hole simply asks you to ensure you have a static IP before installing, and that is left to the user to first configure using the host's networking tools. With Pi-hole you really want it configured on the network in a certain way and then pretty much left alone in that state to handle DNS, with any other features, such as VPN or OLED support, bolted on to the OS outside of Pi-hole's management, so you would not normally be turning adapters on and off or changing IPs.


I wonder whether something like IPFire would be useful for those functions. Use IPFire as a firewall/router then have Pi-hole as part of the inside network, what IPFire calls the Green network. (Caveat, having tried to setup IPFire before, it's not the most user-friendly setup.)