Quick whitelist/blacklist from the pihole.log? (or a new sidebar section)

When trying block an ad or fix a broken site the first move is to go to the pihole.log.

Normally that entails:

  1. Refreshing the log page to clear it
  2. Loading/refreshing the page you're trying to troubleshoot.
  3. Quickly, disabling "automatic scrolling on update."
  4. Manually copying and pasting anywhere from 2 to 20 sites into the Domains section, whitelisting/blacklisting them and hoping to the track down issue.

It's cumbersome. It would be a lot more convenient if there was some sort of quick toggle to blacklist domains currently allowed and vice versa for whitelisting domains currently blocked.

It obviously wouldn't work directly from the log, but maybe there could be a sidebar/new section to filter just the last X recent DNS requests. Limiting it to around the time you refreshed the target page would get away from the endlessly updating list. Plus, the added benefit of quick toggles would allow you to just refresh the target page until it's working properly.


You can quickly add domains to your blacklist or whitelist from the query log in the dashboard. Has this not worked for you?

Oh, snap. I never knew that was a thing..I always tried the regular log based on the screenshot here: How do I determine what domain an ad is coming from?

Never noticed the title of the section actually says Query Log.