Ability to see list comment when searching gravity

I use a custom web application to create lists in ABP supported format for use in pi hole. The way it is presented to pi hole is through a link that looks like this: http://app.local.net/(List UUID), which returns a text file with the domains in ABP format. When I use the search adlist functionality on the pihole webpage, it only presents me the link of the list if there is a match. It would be helpful to provide the comment of the list in that response since I put the name of the list in the comment, so I wouldn't have to cross-reference what list name its actually is from the UUID in my custom app with what pi hole reports.

Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but would be helpful. Thanks!

Pi-hole is currently beta testing the next-generation Pi-hole v6.0. In this release, the search page lists all known properties to matching lists, including the comment.