Subscribe to user-maintained whitelists, and whitelist from a file


It would be awesome to be able to subscribe to user-maintained whitelists, as well as locally hosted whitelists.

I had the idea a few months ago, and created a repository with lists seperated by service type.

Here is on reddit where PromoFaux made a comment on the idea

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A script I’m writing does a file loop that

  1. trims the domain name from a link.
  2. saves the domain name as a variable
  3. saves the domain-variable to a file (sudo echo tee append)
  4. it then removes duplicates, and sorts the list
    The file is single lined. I know how to run pihole -w for every single line, but I want to run one command to whitelist them all.

Global Whitelist
3rd Party Whitelist
3rd Party Whitelist

What about making a script that puts them in a space-separated list (, so that you can just copy paste it into the command? pihole -w

Edit: You could even run that command as part of the script.


I thought about doing that, which might be the solution to the script I’m currently working on, but there are also some other projects that might benefit from being able to directly import from a file.


This also ties in with my idea that someday we could subscribe to whitelists, the same way we can subscribe to blacklists.


Do you know of any public whitelists like you’re suggesting?


I’ve seen several on github, (I occasionally just search github for the term pihole.)

I also started this repository based on things I’ve found on commonly-whitlisted pages, (here, github, reddit)

It’s separated by type of service, so that it’s the users choice what to allow.

Also, when running pihole -g it almost feels silly to have over 200 domains whitelisted. (some of them preemptively to avoid issues to services that I use)


Here is on reddit where PromoFaux made a comment on the idea


You can make a separate feature request for the idea here.


I converted the thread into a feature request for that, as that is more/less what I was going for.


Is there any progress on this feature request? Is it being considered, implemented or just a no-no?

I’d like to subscribe to a whitelist such as anudeep’s whitelist, without having to cron a separate update script.

Essentially, I’d prefer to run the Pi-hole with all admin done through the web admin, rather than having to ssh in.


No updates yet. We have quite a few feature requests and we try our best to evaluate them all and implement the ones that make sense.


I would also like this feature, came to this forum looking for just this.