Ability to subscribe to whitelist files

I've been thinking about the Query Log page a bit lately.

The column for "Actions" could use some tweaking.

Currently, we have the ability to Blacklist stuff in the green, or whitelist things in the red.

I'm the type of person that likes to pre-emptively whitelist domains that I know I do NOT EVER want to accidentally get blocked by one of the lists. (example: the domains used by Plex)

I'm suggesting that there be some way of Permanently whitelisting things already in the green.

Mildly Related:

I have a github page full of various services, and the domains they use. Most are borrowed from Commonly Whitelisted Domains, that I've found on the web. There are some that I've added like Plex.

I wish we had the ability to have a file opposite of adlists.list . The suggested file would allow people to subscribe to "whitelists" the same way people can add lists to adlists.list. There wouldn't need to have any "default lists", just instructions on how to use the file.

You can use the whitelist page to whitelist any domain you want. It would be easier to use the whitelist page if you already know what domains to whitelist instead of going through the query log. The whitelist "anti-adlist" idea is interesting however.

Closing in favor of

as the request is the same.