2 feature requests. Pihole can use tar.gz lists and in addition Group Management Allowlists

Hi there,

I have noticed there are 2 features that would be very useful if implemented.

The first is that compressing lists is becoming more popular on github and other locations so for example a perfectly compatible list is rendered incompatible as it is .tar.gz instead of a plain text format.

It would be useful if pihole checks a list to see if compressed and decompresses it to then parse it.

Rationale: As the internet evolves, it would be great for pihole to keep ahead and be able to use lists that would otherwise be incompatible simply due to being compressed. As lists have grown, and become much larger over the years it makes sense to compress them for distribution. It would be great if pihole stayed ahead of the curve on this one and remained relevant rather than experience a situation where some good lists could not be used until this feature was added and users were lost to other projects in the meantime.

Another feature that would be useful is Allowlists like we have Adlists in group management. Some (although not currently popular) list providers also provide a suggested allowlist for ease of use to accomodate difference in users preferences. For example a popular adlist provider also has an allowlist here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anudeepND/whitelist/master/domains/whitelist.txt

Being able to add multiple Allowlists that auto update when the maintainer updates them like the Adlists would be useful.

Rationale: While in an ideal world all users are identical, in the real world there are varying differences in privacy concerns between individuals. While some would like to block everything at the expense of comparability others would like to have the option to forgo some privacy or security to ensure everything works with minimal intervention. By providing an option to allow users to use trusted maintainers Allowlists and have them auto update this provides an additional feature for those users to not have to maintain a manual Allowlist themselves or keep checking back to the maintainer periodically and check themselves.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Kind regards


Thank you. Are you saying pihole already supports a list that is compressed and hosted as a tar.gz file? I did not know this worked if so.

Thank you. I do not use the term 'whitelist' or 'blacklist' as it has slavery/negative connotations. This is a personal decision. Thank you for respecting that.

  1. Pi-hole already supports compression via libz when the server supports it.
    Use compression (if available) when downloading the ad lists. by PromoFaux · Pull Request #3641 · pi-hole/pi-hole · GitHub

  2. Is a duplicate of
    Subscribe to user-maintained whitelists, and whitelist from a file

Neither Pi-hole nor the Anundeep site use this terminology at the present time. We both use whitelists.

Please don't fold multiple feature requests into one topic, especially if they have little in common.

Keeping FRs separately will make voting as well as counting votes much easier.

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