Features white/black/block-lists

hi there,
as i use pihole now for some months and i am happy with it,
i would like to bring in ideas for my better usage..

a) a possibility to save / export the "list of blocklists"
my list of all imported blocklists wants to be saved somewhere.

b) a possibility to have smthng like the blocklists, but for white-listing
as you can import additional blocklists to the standard-implemented, why isnt there any option to do the same with a / many whitelists ?
and maybe an option to save my "list of imported whitelists"..
those lists would not need any standard-installed lists (like the blocklists) - but you could then export those standard-whitelisted entries to a single standard-whitelist.. as there are entries in the whitelist..

c) an option to save the logs in RAM instead on SD-Card..
yes, any reboot may kill the logs, but the sd-card usage would go down massively for anyone not needing all the logs saved or is only live-logging..

that may/is not be a feature-request,
i need to find a solution for sd-card-backup that does not need to remove my sd-card (i expect at least stopping of several services during the backup)
i can provide a drive of my PC (winX) or my NAS (synology) but have not found any good idea yet..

Your current list of "blocklists" is located at: /etc/pihole/adlists.list
You can save this file and restore it when needed. after that you'd have to run a pihole -g to update local list.

Both whitelist and blacklist "lists" are located under /etc/pihole/whitelist.txt and /etc/pihole/blacklist.txt
If you're missing the files, that means that no whitelist or blacklist entries have been saved.

The newest version (in the works - currently in Beta ) of Pi-hole addresses that problem.
You can read this guide too on how to move the log file destination:

Due to the nature of file system access required for this type of operation, you'd have to remove the SD card and backup it in another device.

I recommended reading this article:

thnx for & according to your answer:

a) compared to how a external blocklist is imported, that way is more complicated and not possible over web-ui.

b) i talk about a possibility for white-lists like blOcklists, your answer is about blAcklists and whitelists..
so where can i import some external whitelists from internet (if there were some / selfmade) ?

c) & d) thnx for the links.

this is currently not available without external scripting by yourself

i know, it was a feature-request..

to import some whitelists like blocklists,
i dont have a new word for that kind of collection as you found with blacklist/blocklist..
maybe you invent one.

Closing this FR.

This is possible with Teleporter backup function.

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