Allow easy editing of IP address/hostname in static DHCP mappings


Currently to change a static reservation you have to delete the entry, then after the page reloads and the data has disappeared, re-add it. This usually means copying the MAC address into the clipboard, then re-typing the IP/hostname with the require changes.

It’d be great if there was an Edit button or something, even if it just did the same as the Delete button but pre-populated the row of input boxes with the old values for tweaking/adding again.


sudo nano /etc/dnsmasq.d/04-pihole-static-dhcp.conf
sudo service pihole-FTL reload



Aha! I didn’t realise they were in a flat file like that. I don’t seem to have nano in the Docker version, but I can see that file is populated with cat, so I can find a way to edit it. Thanks! :slight_smile: