Add refresh and (or) live option to query log

Hey all,

Love love love Pi-Hole!

But a feature that seems to be missing for me is a simple refresh button on the query log page. Would also be great to have a checkbox or option that allows one to view the requests in real time.

As it is, I have to constantly refresh the page for new entries

That option is available under Tools /Tail pihole.log

You get to actually see what’s queried, what’s replied and who requested it :slight_smile:

An even prettier option is to run the command pihole -t from the command line. That will color code the output, showing the blocked entries and queries in different colors.

On the query page a “live” option would be great. Also, and more importantly allow me to refresh the log WITH whever device I selected.
Refreshing the log always clears the selection and I have to reselect.

Allowing to select multiple devices and having live refresh would also be fantastic.

When you start the Query Log from a link on the dash board (e.g. in the Top Clients list), you can refresh as often as you like and only the requested client will be shown. Even more only the data for this particular client is sourced from the Pi-hole so the page should also load somewhat quicker.

yes there is the tail log and CLI but it would be nice to watch the request come into the actual query log and be able to action the buttons to whitelist or blacklist

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I agree. Having the option to blacklist queries as they come in would be nice.