Infinite Scroll on Query Logs + "Live" view

On this page: http://pi.hole/admin/queries.php

I would love for the Query logs to be both "live" (where it lists new queries AS they happen, perhaps a check-box on it's page to pause or stop them when wanting to?), as well as infinite scroll pagination, so we don't have to do the 'archaic' click click click click click to go the the next page each time. :slight_smile:

Like this: How to Create Facebook Like Infinite Scroll Pagination using PHP and jQuery - Phppot

This feature exists - it is called "tailing" the pihole log. It can be done either from the web admin GUI > Tools > Tail pihole.log, or from the Pi terminal with pihole -t

Tailing from the command line will color code the blocked requests, making them easier to see in the output.


This also exists. On the query log, first select "show all" at the top. Then in the dialogue box, select show all, and all the queries for the past 24 hours are shown on an infinite scroll.

Thank you. Yes, I know about tailing :slight_smile:
But it's less convenient to have to run an external terminal when wanting to view it, rather than simply click on the Queries tab. :slight_smile:

Also, adding it to the default queries tab (as opposed to the Tail pihole.log) tab, allows seeing it in the same format/view as shown in the regular queries tab, as well as being able to click the item for filtering.

Regarding infinite scroll, I'd love that regardless of whether 'live queries' are shown in that list or not. :slight_smile:

Tailing the log provides different information than the query log. The query log shows a higher level summary, while tailing the log shows all activity in real time. These are different things and it makes little sense to turn the log tail into a display that already exists. The query log populates in real time, as does the log tail. You can click items there for filtering.

As noted, you don't need to run an external terminal, you just click a different section of the web admin GUI.

Perhaps just merge the 2 logs into the regular Queries tab, showing all details, so you don't need the pihole.log view at all?

From there you can add checkboxes above the listview to 'filter out' any info you may not want to see.

As an aside, are you the developer of Pi-hole? You seem very resistant to all enhancement suggestions.

I am not a developer (there are more than one). I'm inquiring why these features are needed and what you expect them to do. The community votes on feature requests and if the (handful of volunteer) developers can incorporate them, they do so. Priority is given to those feature requests that improve the core functionality of Pi-Hole.

Feature requests remain open for community voting until either implemented or determined to be out of scope by the developers.

Exactly why I asked. It seems you are more interested in talking me out of my requests than simply asking what I expect them to do. You've done it on 2 posts of mine (the only 2 posts of mine).

I came here to suggest enhancements, and let people vote on them; not to be discouraged and 'talked out' of the requests.

Keep it civil please.

I'm going to close this FR in favor of

as it is covering the same features.