Add Refresh Button at Top of Query Log page

When actively troubleshooting a domain blocking issue, I refresh the Query Log page periodically to see if my change fixed the issue. I currently use my browsers page reload button or click on the navigation log to refresh the page.

Problems with the current setup

User Experience It seems like there should be a refresh button that does this since there's a use case for it within the app. The 1st thing a user will look for is a refresh button when they want to refresh the results . when they don't find one, they will interrupt their work to go hunt for a way to refresh the page.
Consistency Other pages like the whitelist and blacklist pages, have this, why doesn't this page have it?

Icing on the cake

Automatic refresh aka tailing the log . This is something that I do daily at my job when monitoring a process. This would make troubleshooting easier as changes and monitoring are done from the same Web app. Users can ssh to their pi-hole server and tail logs if they'd like, but this would give them another , convenient option.

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