Watch real time DNS queries from the clients

Hello team,
I would like to know if it is possible to enter or filter a specific IP address and watch all the DNS queries in real time? in other words I know that some ads get through and I want to capture them and block or experiment blocking some domains that I consider to be "malicious" or containing ads.
I want to see real time refresh appearing in the web interface. or if you can recommend some methods doing this from linux cli, I will take them as a temporary workaround.

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Essentially sort of a filtered tail log, with the ability to alter the blocklists as it happens?

Somewhat like this would be great but I would appreciate if this will be done in the WUI of PiHole.
BTW which file can I tail to see realtime queries? What is the log file for PiHole?

I didn't have a chance to play with it yet. I can probably find it myself.

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pihole -t


Tools > Tail pihole.log (Tail pihole-FTL.log)`

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