Tail -f like Query log for the Dashboard

Would be nice, when we can setup an auto refresh of the query log similar like "tail -f". I currently have an issue with one device in my network, which is sending internet requests all the time and i'm currently debugging the cause. I always recheck the query log and i'm filter it by client. Would be much easier with an auto refresh query log.

You can use "Tools -> Tail pihole.log" in the Web GUI or pihole -t at the cli to archive this.

Good point, but here is no way to "grep"(filter) the ouput.

The most reliable and configurable method would be to run

tail -f /var/log/pihole.log | grep {IP of client here|

Yep on console, i known. But something like this on dashboard/admin console for the query log, where the log entry is splitted into table coulmns, would be nice.

Ok, I see your point.

As any solution is likely to solve both, I link a similar feature request:

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I'm going to close this FR in favor of

or the one mentioned above.