Save Settings from Admin Panel across devices

Hi there i love pihole :grinning:

About settings.... i have my preference for example, i like to see all 100 entries, it can be changed from 10...100 to All entries....
i would like those kind of settings stored on pihole, so if i open the admin panel on any other device it would remember how i used last time.
(I don't know maybe someone needs different settings on a phone as on pc. In that case pihole can save those settings linked to the devicename?)

Thanks for the FR.

  1. Settings are stored locally already on each device in the browser's local storage (see
    Query Log: Remember last selected "Show X entries" by DL6ER · Pull Request #764 · pi-hole/AdminLTE · GitHub)
    If you wish to store the settings across devices please rename the FR to something like "Save Settings from Admin Panel across devices" so that others can easier identify what you really want.

  2. Please remove the second request and vote here
    Add refresh and (or) live option to query log

Thanks. You are correct :+1: