Pi-Hole 5.1 - pihole -c (bug)

If I put this in the wrong place, I apologize. Not certain how to submit a bug.

I just updated to 5.1 and pihole -c shows FTL offline.

I have looked at the code and the reason is the file /var/run/pihole-FTL.port is empty.
If you populate the file with the correct informaton, then pihole -c will work

echo 4711 > /var/run/pihole-FTL.port
pihole -c


Please post solution here as well:

Thanks! Nice catch!

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Bada bing! That did the trick. 1st time it wouldnt run so I had to sudo su 1st then run the echo and that worked nicely.


Ditto with the "sudo su" to make the edit.

Thanks everyone!

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Having the same issue with docker . Updated this file file with root but no luck .

echo 4711 > /var/snap/docker/common/var-lib-docker/overlay2/5f8552d8ed105df51274e390cf1/diff/run/pihole-FTL.port

UPDATE :Clearing cache resolved the issue


echo 4711 | sudo tee /var/run/pihole-FTL.port

Root is needed to write the file.


thank you for the solution I was thinking my SD card was broken again

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