Commonly blacklisted domains



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pihole -b


``` pihole -b ```


Sourced from here.

pihole -b


``` pihole -b ``` ^ removes _some_ "blog post" style ads as seen here: [Before](, and [After](

TED app

on Apple TV

pihole -b

Alexa Voice Assistant

As discovered here.

pihole -b

Ads and tracking on Xiaomi devices

pihole -b


As described here.

pihole -b

Sonos Metrics

As described here.

pihole -b 

JavaScript based crypto currency mining

pihole -b

Ads on

pihole -b

Doesn't really block
Directory of block list
Blocking Alexa (Amazon voice assistant)
Pandora on android still gets ads
What files does Pi-hole use?
How do I flush my Pi-hole cache?
The pihole Command With Examples
Blocking ITV Hub Player Advertisements
Blocking Alexa (Amazon voice assistant)


iOS mobile ad block list:

Request: Custom Blacklists

This list has a lot of double entries. Here is the same list but with the doubles cut down, as of 2016-Nov-16:


Gravity should take care of doubles anyways, but thanks!


Added the massive blacklist that ‘easter’ published to my Pi-Hole.
Now my adminpage for blacklists is timing out… :confused:


Did you add that whole thing to your blacklist, instead of the adlists? You should add adlists to /etc/pihole/adlists.list (after following the directions in /etc/pihole/adlists.default). You can use this url (as long as the paste stays up):


Well… Didn’t even know there were a different list for that…noobish
Now I know what to do tonight! :wink:


I have done that (following the three described steps in the txt) but with no luck. What am I doing wrong? No ads are blocked on the iPhone.



Please make a debug log.


If anyone is looking to block voice search on LG WebOS TV’s here are the urls.

To block auto updates of WebOS (i like to control which updates i want to install)


Is there a way to add all these domains in one go?


You can append as many domains as you want to the pihole -b command:

pihole -b


I have also found it useful to blacklist the following domains:


Are you running with the default lists? Those three are already there… At least they are on mine!


Please log into your Pi-hole via SSH and execute:

pihole -q -exact

You can also do it via the web interface: Use “exact” match searching


Thanks for your reply.
I thought I was using the default lists, but it is highly likely that I misconfigured something.
what I did was
cp /etc/pihole/adlists.default /etc/pihole/adlists.list
then add at the very end the lists I found here

@DL6ER here is the output of the command you requested
$ pihole -q -exact ::: /etc/pihole/ (1 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (1 results) ::: /etc/pihole/ (0 results) ::: /etc/pihole/list.preEventHorizon (1 results) ::: /etc/pihole/blacklist.txt (1 results)
Indeed, it seems that was already in several lists.

As I said though, to be honest it is possible that I had misconfigured something before, or that I didn’t wait long enough for all the changes to propagate correctly.

About the domain
is there a way for it to be included in any of the lists here? what is the intended workflow if I discover a domain that wasn’t on any list, and would like it to be included?



We don’t maintain a blacklist, but you can add them (as you have already!) to your own blacklist, and if you think it would be useful to anyone else, then you can edit them into the OP of this thread.

It’s in wiki mode, so anyone can edit it.


Great, thank you very much!


I’ll add additional findings for Youtube ads on the | How do I block ads on Youtube | page

Here are some Youtube Pre-Playback ad domains:

(Not gonna post the entire list but there is a pattern for the domains. You can use the pihole -b ... to directly add this list.)


A bit of explanation

In my understanding, r{N..M}... is basically a recursive (repeating) function. Bash is basically writing:



where N is the initial value for the loop and M is the end.

From what I’ve noticed, the domains start from r1… and only goes up to r20… and I’ve only encountered three major variations for the google video domain. There might be more depending on where you are in the world.

I’ve tried using wildcard by using address=/
but youtube won’t even try to load any videos afterwards.

I’ve used Whitelist Assistant by DNSThingy Chrome extension to see the domains that the adlists doesn’t seem to cover. Feel free to do this too.