Simple speedtest added to Pihole Web UI , Takes tests every hour

So this project is just another fun project integrating speedtest to PiHole Web UI.

Note : It’s just a quick solution , nowhere near perfect . If you made it better please let me know.
I would like to know whether I can save the data using pihole-FTL service

I’ll post the tutorial if anyone is interested


don’t wait, post it now!


super great idea!
please post it

Here is the tutorial Link
Note : It’s just a quick solution , nowhere near perfect . If you made it better or you ran into any problems please let me know.

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Thanks man!
i’ll try it out !

This is working beautifully on my setup so far. Thank you SO much for this addition. I really hope the team picks this up permanently.

Minibian on Pi2B with ~30 clients.

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It would be nice if it happens. It got so much positive review from reddit Pi-hole users.

Would like to know the options of devs and mods about this.

My personal opinion, we are a DNS solution and the dashboard is for monitoring and controlling the DNS functions. There are other solutions (including yours) that are more geared towards monitoring the status of the device or other metrics that are very nice, but don’t help us with being a better DNS server. It gets us on a slippery slope of feature creep and adds to the support load that we are already struggling with. I like the graph and the solution, but I don’t see it as being something that I would add to the base code.

We’ve discussed options of making the web interface modular so that user created addons could be added to the admin page, but in the end, it’s an admin page and not a monitoring platform. We’ve had requests for things like drive space usage, and other metrics that we’ve declined to implement, maybe if we grow and have more staff (or any full time staff) that could support the features we can look at mainline code inclusion, but as it is we’re just a group of volunteers and the project is growing to the point where we can’t provide timely support to every request that comes in.

So we have to look at every Feature Request or code submission and ask “How does this make us a better DNS ad blocker?” and use that as the test to what we implement in mainline code. We also have to be careful as to what may be seen by users as officially sanctioned features, and I’m concerned that the feature of using this as a tool to send messages to ISPs about speeds will end up as tweets and emails saying that “Pi-hole is detecting that I’m not getting what I paid for.” Even if it’s clearly noted that this is a 3rd party add on, we will have users that will expect the core team to handle their issues and we just don’t have the people to do that.

So that’s why I personally am saying no to mainline as it stands now. We will review the ability for user created addon’s when we work the admin interface rewrite but that has to be done very carefully so that the possibility for malicious code (and I’m not inferring in any way that this is malicious, the code is in public view,) can’t happen, and that anything that is displayed on the page with Pi-hole branding is not going to cause problems with either the Pi-hole or anything that the Pi-hole touches.


Your point is absolutely correct .
Thank you for all your good work at Pi-hole .

Also would need to let users know that the design of the Raspberry Pi makes speedtests inaccurate above a certain speed. I run on a device with a true 1Gbps interface, but with the standard Raspberry Pi you have so much contention with the single USB bus that I personally wouldn’t trust any results from anything faster than 50-60Mbps. I’ve used (and used to be the Arch packager) for RPI-Monitor, and even that had some issues with speedtests.

I really do like what you have created and hopefully we can somehow work things so that it can be included in the future, but we just don’t have the staff and the time to do it correctly right now. But we are starting on the rebuild of the interface so it’s a good time to look at modularity and setting up a framework that would allow for user addons.

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Unfortunately I have this problem

Testing Speed
usage: speedtest-cli [-h] [–bytes] [–share] [–simple] [–list]
[–server SERVER] [–mini MINI] [–source SOURCE]
[–timeout TIMEOUT] [–secure] [–version]
speedtest-cli: error: unrecognized arguments: --no-pre-allocate
ERROR: ‘speedtest-cli --no-pre-allocate --share’ failed (exit code 2).

So no speedtest is displayed.

Hi , can you replace line and try ?

cmd="speedtest-cli --no-pre-allocate $opts"
cmd="speedtest-cli $opts"

On file/var/www/html/admin/scripts/pi-hole/speedtest/

I personally like the addon speedtest and I think it should be turned on. Only on request.

Anyway, it’s a super addon.

@itsmesid Before I install your integration, does it still works with the current web interface (Pi-hole v3.2.1, Web Interface v3.2.1, FTL v2.13.2)?

Sure, it works.

Works like a charm. Thanks for your work and time :slight_smile:

I like the fact that the interface uses the full browser width.

Would be cool if there is an additional speedtest-cli setting in the GUI to enable this command line parameter:

 --secure   Use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with
   operated servers

I also would prefer the display of bytes instead of bits (command line parameter --bytes).

Will make the changes with next update, working on a simple installer / uninstaller for it.

working wonderfully on 3.3 :smiley:

The “test datta/bandwidth” should not be reported in the DNS blocking statistics. It technically is unfair and makes the graph look weird.

Thanks, always wanted a intervalled speedtest on my C.H.I.P., and this works great,
on Pi-hole Version vDev (FTLDNS, v3.3-75-g82d5afe) Web Interface Version v3.3 FTL Version vDev (FTLDNS, vDev-003371f).

The only thing is that I needed to setup the custom speedtest server Teletalk, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil; id= 2889 because of constancy,

but now I have " " as the Top Domain search!


This seems a bit exaggerated.