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I’m trying to figure out when my Asus Tinkerboard overheats bc every now and then, my internet goes out and unable to connect to pi-hole. Even with ssh to the device with no success so I reboot it but I believe its the temp which is the problem. Didn’t do much when I moved it from the basement to the main room. So I could keep an eye on it just incase it freezes or the internet goes out.

Well, after moving it, its happening more frequently. I don’t have a case on it yet and do have a heat-sink connected. The heat-sink does heat up.

Atm on the main floor its 43.9 °C
When in the basement, I’m not sure about.

But this would be a good feature to see on how well it performs on logging the file and to view and extract from the device during all hrs at specific times you give it.

Just a thought is all since reporting it in the top left corner and I do understand and agree with you for the Speed Test-Cli addon. Not sure if there be a difference between the two but just curios if you ever thought about it.



I use RPi-Monitor for this. It supports various metric gathering along with a ‘status at the moment’ home page. It can hang off the lighttpd, just like the Admin UI. Here is a screen shot:

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You linked @DanSchaper’s reasoning for not adding speed test monitoring to Pi-hole, and with the same reasoning we can not add this feature to Pi-hole.



Wasn’t sure bc speedtest vs showing the Temp at the Top Left Already seemed closed to a possibility so I just wondered since you were are already doing it to add somthing to it. But ok.




The temperature, load, memory, etc are currently not implemented in the new web interface, and we are not planning on implementing them unless there’s a good reason to. We aren’t removing them from the old web interface mostly because we’re focusing on the new web interface.



Furthermore, it should be mentioned that those displays are there since the rather early days of Pi-hole (> 3 years old). The Pi-hole core was much slower at that time and could produce high load and use up of the entire available memory so, at some point, these metrics were at least closely connected to the useability of the web interface and hence of an essential part of the overall Pi-hole experience. With the addition of FTL a bit over two years ago, these fields became more or less obsolete and will not be kept in the rewrite as mentioned by @Mcat12

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