Pihole should consider adlist content as well to decide if adlist was updated

I've noticed that (most of) my adlists get the status Status: Retrieval successful instead of No changes detected when running pihole -g, even when running it twice within a minute.

Looking at the code, I see that the ''Status' is based on HTTP response. The code even states that some servers don't provide the necessary header.

As pihole will save all downloaded lists locally, I request to additionally compare old local lists and (new) downloaded to decide if "Status" should be "changed" or "not changed".

This could be extended to locally saved adlist, which at the moment will never get "Status: no change detected".

This would allow to improve gravity's output by separating it into two lines for each adlist:

Status: Retrieval successful
Status: (No) Changes detected

Furthermore this would reliably allow to determine if the adlist content has been change, even when the server don't provide the necessary HTTP response.

This is also a prerequisite for FR like


I was just working on this one when I saw that

looks like this on my Pi-hole:

  [i] Target: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
  [✓] Status: No changes detected
  [i] Analyzed 58750 domains

Can you confirm the server raw.githubusercontent.com is still not sending the header for you?
I will likely still add this check you requested here, however, I will need some new test lists now :slight_smile:

edit @yubiuser can you recommend one for me for testing? I picked a few random ones (not githubusercontent) from https://v.firebog.net/hosts/lists.php?type=tick but all of them seem to be able to deliver the header just fine:

Strange that you get a different response..

From today

  [i] Target: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
  [✓] Status: Retrieval successful
  [i] Analyzed 58750 domains

nanopi@nanopi:~$ curl -I https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 1788565
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Cache-Control: max-age=300
Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'none'; style-src 'unsafe-inline'; sandbox
ETag: "6cfff029d57c53731a9f0b797682f676ed6370af44a99686f04bf242300c052e"
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
X-Frame-Options: deny
X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block
Via: 1.1 varnish (Varnish/6.0), 1.1 varnish
X-GitHub-Request-Id: 53EA:DE6F:2FEE7DA:3274584:5FEB14E2
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 11:47:03 GMT
X-Served-By: cache-fra19131-FRA
X-Cache: HIT, HIT
X-Cache-Hits: 1, 3
X-Timer: S1609242423.314208,VS0,VE0
Vary: Authorization,Accept-Encoding, Accept-Encoding
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
X-Fastly-Request-ID: d2099b4af6e09adef7b0c58b92075c4bcc918bc1
Expires: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 11:52:03 GMT
Source-Age: 241

Others do send the header

nanopi@nanopi:~$ curl -I http://dehakkelaar.nl/lists/cryptojacking_campaign.list.txt
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 11:52:14 GMT
Server: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)
Last-Modified: Tue, 29 Dec 2020 04:47:06 GMT
ETag: "38a3-5b79315298b55"
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 14499
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Content-Type: text/plain

I enabled all adlists I have available and run gravity twice. I have only one adlist (next to githubusercontent) that does not send the header


Thats oc to remind me I have to create another way to pull the domains from the excel sheet :smiley:
EDIT: No modified header as well when curl that one.

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Don't ask me what happened here, I didn't look at the headers this morning. Just tested this now again and it is back to its usual self:

  [i] Target: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts                           
  [✓] Status: Retrieval successful                                                                                                                                                                                 
  [i] Analyzed 58750 domains 

This feature request is getting implemented by

This has been implemented.