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What I've found over time is that I'm my blocklist (currently 33 individual URLs) is growing to be quite large.

Is it possible to include a "Last modified" header field (from the website where the content is being downloaded from) in the list so that I can potentially remove blocklists that are not being maintained by their respective owners?

Perhaps add the feature to sort by last modified date so it's easier to quickly identify non-maintained block lists and remove them if applicable.

Thanks for the awesome product!

This information is available on the Pi, but not via the web GUI. Local copies of the blocklists to which you subscribe are kept in folder /etc/pihole. When the blocklists are updated, a check is made to see if the file on the web has been updated since the date of the file stored locally. If not, then the local copy is used. If the web file is newer, it is downloaded and stored locally.

Check the dates for the files that start with “list” in /etc/pihole and you will see when they last changed. This command will show the local copies sorted by date changed, oldest files at the top of the list.

ls -lhatr /etc/pihole/list*

This is great information! Thank you! So what was interesting for me, I found about 6 feed lists that were no longer maintained. Is there a plan to make the feed date last modified or even the size of the feed downloaded in the web GUI?

Thanks again for the quick response jfb!

For the first, no. But, you have this feature request.

For the second, we have this now in Pi-hole V5.0. When gravity runs, it shows for each list loaded the following information. For the first list, the list on the web was different than the local copy, so the list was downloaded. For the second list, there were no changes, so the local copy was used.

  [i] Target:
  [✓] Status: Retrieval successful
  [i] Received 55263 domains

  [i] Target:
  [✓] Status: No changes detected
  [i] Received 2701 domains

There is a field showing last_modified for each adlist (tooltip mouseover), but it doesn't show what you wish for.

Therefor I created a similar FR:

I'll leave both open, because this one goes beyond what I request (sort by last modified).

There has been some progress on that topic:

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