How do I use Pi-hole's built in DHCP server (and why would I want to)?

Hi there, may be a stupid question, but if I activate Pihole DHCP server AND disable Router DHCP (because I am not allowed to change DNS on ISP router), then my Pihole server cannot restart (or at least is not accessible from network).
I guess I need first to assign static IP address to Pihole machine ? IS that correct ?
My Pihole runs on raspberry 4 (raspbian) side by side with volumio. What is the simplest way to achieve that ?
Thank you.


Thanks, perfect !

Can I activate DHCP server on my Ubuntu VPS not Raspberry PI?

The problem is that my pihole instance is hosted by Linode and is not local, my router wouldn't be able to locate it automatically. How would I go about doing this with an external server?

DHCP uses broadcast addresses, it only works on the segment that Pi-hole is connected to directly. A router in between Pi-hole and the client breaks the broadcast domain and you'd have to use something like a DHCP helper or relay on the router to connect the segments.

A DHCP server located across a WAN link is a really bad idea.

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