DHCP settings for ASUS router

i have an ASUS AX86U running stock firmware. when i run pihole-FTL dhcp-discover, i see this and i do not have the entered anywhere in router dns settings. it looks like Asus is padding the router ip as backup dns server somewhere.

Enter the IP of Pi-hole twice in the router settings. If the router won't accept the same IP twice, then in the second position put an unused IP from your LAN range.

Or, have Pi-hole provide DHCP services.

i already have pihole ip in both dns server 1 and wins server under LAN settings.

under WAN:

One is a DNS server, and the other is a WINS server. These are two different things.

under WAN:

That is the DNS that the router uses, not what is passed to the clients.

ok, not sure where the router ip is coming from for the dns server. i see other posts where it is mentioned that this is how asus has it coded in the firmware.

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