Will Pi-hole Be Able To Block Spotify Ads?

Hi Friends,

has anyone tried blocking Spotify ads with Pi-hole? Will it work out? Please do let me know your thoughts.


here some threads regarding Spotify

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I have tried this list https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CHEF-KOCH/Spotify-Ad-free/master/filter/Spotify-HOSTS.txt

But despite such a good and long list I still have adds within the iOS Spotify app.

Anyone a clue how to solve this?

Jailbreak and install something from Cydia :slight_smile:

Anything from this list really works?

My Spotify has recently stopped connecting all together on both my PC and my Apple devices. I’m still trying to find help to fix it, but part of me wonders if Spotify has blocked users who have Pi-Hole, if that’s even possible.