Spotify Ad Block list




Just been searching on internet and came across spotify news that there 2m users who avoid ads without paying for premium membership. A little more digging up showed which domains to be added to host file.

If interested, please add the following to your block lists.




Before you ask after adding the list :wink:



I will remove that from my list.


Did you add them manually to the blacklist?

I wonder how Spotify came up with that number?

I know that with uBlock origin you can listen to Spotify ad-free on . I wonder whether that list by vincentkenny01also works for the Spotify desktop application.


I just copied the link and pasted it under the settings, blocklist, at the bottom and save and update. Works for me and have had no ads so far.


What is the difference between adding this list on the blacklist and host a text file somewhere and add it to the block list?


The blacklist is meant for manual blocking. For stuff like this, you should use a block list.


Excellent. Thanks @Mcat12


Use this block list you will have Spotify Free as Premium goodbye advertising's-Spotify-FilterList.txt's-Spotify-HOSTS-FilterList.txt

Another option



Scripts for add to your hosts-file the neccesary lines to block Spotify ads (web and desktop app).

The scripts must be opened ad admin/root to be able to edit hosts files (Windows and Linux)