What model Raspberry Pi should I use for Pi-hole?


Pi-hole has low resource requirements and can even run over wireless. All model Raspberry Pi’s will work for Pi-hole:

  • Zero
  • Zero W
  • 1B
  • 1B+
  • 2B
  • 2B+
  • 3B
  • 3B+

but don’t take our word for it:


Not a Raspberry Pi, but just wanted to share that the Orange Pi Zero (with 512mb of RAM) seems to run Pi Hole well.

It’s a particularly good model as it has a built in Ethernet Port.

Hope this information is useful.


Hi, I am using a Raspberry Pi 1.
The local DNS requests from LAN are answered from cache between 3-6 ms.
The local DNS request from LAN wich are forwarded to external DNS-Servers with DNS over TLS (with stubby) needs about 300-500ms, it’s depend on how far is the requested DNS-Server is away (Hops) and how fast is it.
In my opinion it has no effect on slower loading web-pages.


I run one PiHole on a 3B+, and another on a Zero W. No difference in DNS performance that I can tell. Each runs on a Sandisk 32 GB card with Raspbian Stretch, and each runs unbound as the local resolver.

The biggest difference I note is the speed of the VNC interface - snappy on the 3B+, leisurely on the Zero W.

The 3B+ is wired to router, the Zero W is wireless. Doesn’t appear that the connection type makes any difference, but I have good wifi everywhere.