Pihole on a Raspberry Pi 1?


Is an Rpi1 powerful enough / capable of running Pi-Hole and PiVPN?

I have an old Rpi1 just collecting dust and would like to put it to use?

My only concern is the use of a Wi-Fi dongle…could this cause a bottle neck in my network?
I use Pihole as DHCP server as ISP provided router is very much locked down.

What model Raspberry Pi should I use for Pi-hole?

I’m using the original Pi 1 model B, runs perfectly now with FTL

Mine is wired though


How did you wore a Pi1?
Usb ethernet adapter?


It has an ethernet port


That’s not a Pi1 then is it?
I didn’t think the 1st Pi had an Ethernet port?


The original Pi 1 Model B has ethernet port yes, if yours doesn’t it’s not the Pi 1 B

EDIT - Model A doesn’t seem to have a LAN port, Model B does

Model A

Model B


You are right, it seems I have a Model A, not a Model B.
No idea if its a Gen 1 or 1+

I think the evolution and naming etc had me all confused…I thought it was a ‘Rpi 2 - model A’, but in actual fact its the other way…if I am interpreting it all correctly…i.e. I have a Model A, 2nd Generation.

Man the internet is weird.

So, back to topic.
If I do indeed have a Model A, 1st Generation (256 RAM, no LAN port), will Pihole run OK on this?


Don’t see why not other than not having the LAN port, which you could solve with a USB > Ethernet adapter it seems to have the same specs as Model B minus a USB port

Wireless might have high latency issues, but give it a shot, nothing to lose trying