V5.1.1 - No clients in client list

The issue I am facing: when i attempt to load the client list, there are now clients shown however there are clients shown on the dashboard on the total queries tab

Details about my system: i am running pi hole on a raspberry pi 3b and i have a full unifi network, i'm using a 2020 Macbook pro and a custom pc to access the web panel

What I have changed since installing pihole: i have added the osid blocklists and cloudflare dns over https

Have you tried to clear your bowser's cache?

When the issue persists, please share a debug token with pihole -d

Yeah, i've done that here is the link https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/zqztu2xryd

Have you tried:

We have to wait for a moderator to have a look into your uploaded token

ah alright

I don't understand this, can you provide screenshots?

This tab only shows clients which you actively configured. All clients not shown in this list are treated by the default rules. So what you see is expected. You can add all your clients there if you want to assign them to special groups.

but before all clients showed there so why not now?

Did you add them all?

You'r clients are shown in the drop-down list.

i have now, this must be a new feature

Need to force refresh browser cache.

All clients are by default in Group "Default" but this is not visible. The behavior didn't change from v5.0 to v5.1.1

If you support the idea that the default client assignment should be visible, please vote here

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