Pi-hole v5.0 is here!

Really like the new per-client blocking feature... thanks and donation sent!

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Thank you so much to all the devs and testers for a great job. This has been a very smooth upgrade!

Thanks alot devs, amazing ! :slight_smile:

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Everybody here says it but I must thank you too. This realease really solved my "problem" with specific blocking because of new groups option. Now I can easilly associate extra regex domain for specific group (that's the difference between new and default group - not much but that's exactly what I need) so when I'm in "working mode" I can use that domain (it's associated only for default group) but right when I'm after work I can switch my device to default group (which has that specific regex extra) and I can see that those things are blocked now (and I don't have to add or remove that regex again and agin like before). Really nice and working feature!

And that local DNS records ... again thank you!

I already support this amazing project as a monthly patron.

The developers, including the staff, again invested a lot of work, time and research to offer us a new release with useful extensions and many improvements.

The whole Pi-hole team did and does great work, also with support here in the board.

Guys, you rock! My $100 donation is on its way to you.


They said they are currently thinking about how to improve this.

Source: Groups and DHCP - #7 by DL6ER

Yes, check out my most recent comment in the linked topic.

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I see that there is now a "Local DNS Records" page.
Previously, I had setup local DNS entries using a config file in /etc/dnsmasq.d.
Is using the Local DNS Records page now the better way to do things?

Better is entirely subjective. :wink: The new feature makes it easier to manage these from the web GUI

It is true. Reading the Pi-hole documentation (not entirely sure where I have seen it) says that Local DNS record changes can be reloaded with pihole restartdns reload whereas changes in config files needs a full pihole restartdns (which is much slower).

The new update works well. Since my build is a previously installed that I updated, which block lists were removed from the initial list? I'd like to remove them as well.
Is there a command I can run to restore the ad lists to the default of the current build?

See Restoring default Pi-hole adlist(s) for different options.

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