Improve Group management/Client by making group association for default clients visible

Unconfigured clients are automatically members of the group "Default". Going to Group management/Clients this association is not obvious. Known clients are presented in the drop-down menu but no group association is visible.
Therefore I propose to change the way new clients are displayed at Group management/Clients. Remove the drop-down menu (but keep the possibility to add manually configured clients/subnets) but add the clients to the "List of configured clients" (title has to be changed).



As I understand it from looking at the code, this table can only show already added clients.

So you propose to add new clients immediately to the client table (with default group)?

This would look strange for me. Assume I have hundreds of clients (I have a large number of IoT devices). This would cause a list with over 10 pages even when I only want to configure two clients and leave all the rest in the default group. I don't think it would enhance usability.

Yes, that was my intention.

I was not thinking about having 100 clients... might be looking strange, but now you have a long long long drop down menu. Must be looking also strange :wink:

Might be a trade-off for large environments but would make things clearer to new users. Right now the default association is not visible anywhere.

Also it would be consistent with how adlists and domains are treated. If you add them (or even by default as pihole comes with 4 default adlists) they are automatically assigned to default - and the association is visible.

That's the only difference in my understanding. Maybe they should instead put a simple text on this page:

All clients not listed here are assumed members of the Default group.

Yes, this need to be improved, its difficult to find the stuff in there.

Not any more with the MAC selection. Also, you can search in this field now.

Here is some else who thought all clients must be added to default manually...

Yes thought.... even when this is not true. I wanted to keep a clean interface, however, I can also see why it is important to put explanations probably everywhere with such a complex feature.

@yubiuser With this one branch they have for v5.2 (?) you can select clients by their IP, their MAC, their host name or even their interface.

How does this increased flexibility work with your suggestion (remove the dropdown, add all clients) ?

Mhh.. that does makes things a bit tricky. We can't omit the drop down then.

As pihole does assign by IP by default I would still say to list clients IP -> Default Group assignment in the table. But leave MAC (and hostname) in the drop-down list.