Switch new Client to a Specific Group automatically

Hey there,

it would be great, if I can choose a "default-Group" for new clients. So, I have an Guest Wi-Fi, and it would be great if the Pi-Hole switch every new device to my guest-group automatically.

Why not use the already implemented "default" group? New/unconfigured clients are automatically assigned to this group. You could create a new group "know clients" and move new clients after approval to this group.


Because, on my default group is no client automatically, I have to assign all new clients manually to a group.

See the Screenshot, there is an new Client. So I can add them manually and after that I can assign it to an group. But I meant it would be great, if any new client would be added automatically to specific group.

They are, but its' not shown

Ah okay, good to know. Thanks. That's all what I want xD