Pi-hole v5.0 is here!

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I see that there is now a "Local DNS Records" page.
Previously, I had setup local DNS entries using a config file in /etc/dnsmasq.d.
Is using the Local DNS Records page now the better way to do things?

Better is entirely subjective. :wink: The new feature makes it easier to manage these from the web GUI

It is true. Reading the Pi-hole documentation (not entirely sure where I have seen it) says that Local DNS record changes can be reloaded with pihole restartdns reload whereas changes in config files needs a full pihole restartdns (which is much slower).

The new update works well. Since my build is a previously installed that I updated, which block lists were removed from the initial list? I'd like to remove them as well.
Is there a command I can run to restore the ad lists to the default of the current build?

See Restoring default Pi-hole adlist(s) for different options.

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Awesome! Great job!
I'm running pi hole on a PiZero:
The ram utilization has been more than halved!

Best regards

Amazing update, thank you for the hard work!!

Hi folks. Just a quick note to say a big thank you to the Pi-hole devs for the group management features in v5. I've had a problem for a while with using channel 5's catchup app on my YouView box with the Pi-hole DNS with default blocklists, which I have got round in the past by simply disabling the blocking while the catchup video player starts up and runs. I've now placed my YouView boxes into their own group with no ad blocking and the channel 5 app is working perfectly.

(And before anyone says it, I know the problem is caused by channel 5's YouView app, this is not in any way a complaint about previous versions of Pi-hole).

I'm alo really grateful to have Pi-hole blocking clickbait like taboola across my network. Web access on my phone is noticeably slower when I'm not connected to my own Pi-hole enabled wireless LAN, apart from the fact that I would rather not see the clickbait.

Keep up the good work :grin:


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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I do not like the new bar graphs. I preferred the smooth line graphs. I think they do a better job of showing trends. It would have been a better idea to give users an option for this rather than force everyone to use someone else's preference.

From : Add option to re-enable smooth graphs - #12

It's not about resisting change. It's about using the format that best displays what the user is looking for based on their needs. For me, the bar graph looks cluttered and makes looking for trends very difficult, if not impossible.

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Thank you developers for 5.0
I installed it and it works flawless.
Well done!

How do I copy my whitelist entries from one v5.0 pihole instance to another? Now that they are in a databse, it's not a straightforward thing to do.

Use the teleporter feature - Admin GUI > Settings > Teleporter. Export from one Pi-hole, import into the other.

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during update I got this little error:
[i] Target: https://hosts-file.net/ad_servers.txt
[✗] Status: Connection Refused
[✗] List download failed: no cached list available

how can I later verify if this list is being loaded correctly? When I enter the List in the browser its doesn't show up but that could be do something else.

Thanks in advance

The list doesn't exist anymore and was removed from pihole.