Order of blocking with groups in V5

I'm brand new to Pi-hole (< 1 week) and I love it already. I can't thank this dev team enough for all of the work you've put into making such cool software!

I just upgraded to version 5.0, and had a question about the order of precedence... The post states:

"Slightly changed order of precedence in blocking. The precedence is now:

  • Exact Whitelist
  • Regex Whitelist
  • Exact Blacklist
  • Blocklist domains (AKA gravity )
  • Regex Blacklist"

How does this work with devices that are part of multiple groups? Do all the Exact Whitelists get checked for each group, then all the Regex Whitelists, etc? Are they combined, or looped through in some order?

Thanks again!


All clients go through the list you quoted from top to bottom. However, they always use only those items you assigned to them. This may very well mean that some of your clients have no blacklist entries whereas others have no whitelist entries or an arbitrary combination. Basically, the lists are all different for all clients if you want this.

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