Option to not log selected client(s)


I’d like to have one (or more) clients not show up in the logs. They do not to be logged at all.

They need not to bypass the pihole. It is great that the pihole filter applies to them, I just want their ‘noise’ removed from the logs.

Is it possible already, or would this be a new feature?

Exclude a host entirely from stats

Currently the most you can do is to hide the domains in the queries.


ok, I’ll check that, but as this client is connecting to many different domains and some domains are also checked by other clients, this is not an ideal solution…



I think this is a very useful request that I would like to see implemented as well.

I set-up Pi-hole on a router to which several people have access to and I like to check out the query log. Without hiding the queries from all (or certain devices) I have a powerful monitoring tool at my hands that I don’t want (at least I don’t want the monitoring part).

I am surprised to read so little about this feature to be honest.

Any update on this?


I’m in the same situation somehow. A server that should be filtered as well spoils my logs with cronjob-related DNS queries… So excluding that machine would be very helpful.

Please vote for this idea!