Silentlists (allow/block, but don't log)

I don't know what I'd call this mode, so I'm attaching Silentlist to it.

Basically I have a few very "noisy" dns queries. Some are whitelisted entries and some are blacklisted entries. These queries happen more times then I can count, and I don't want them logged at all in the FTL db. (Don't really care about the pihole.log file, it can still be logged there if need be). When running query reports, they fill up that report with crap I don't want to see.

Simply put, if an entry is in the Silentlist, it's not logged. Period. Standard whitelist/blacklist rules apply, but it's just not logged.

Possible or future feature request?

Are any of these the same feature you request?

The closest one is the 2nd.
I know about the "API" settings to hide items from displaying when querying logs (which is what the 1st and the 3rd items do). That's not what I want.

I'd like to see an option whereby some DNS queries (or whole clients) aren't logged at all, anywhere. I'll take the performance hit to do a 2nd lookup to make the query completely silent. Anyone who needs a high performance pihole would probably disable all logging anyway.

I voted for the 2nd option.. but it's been there for over a year. Any chance this could be implemented soon?

With limited developer resources, attention is focused on the core functionality of Pi-Hole (memory management, eliminating bugs, changes to underlying code like dnsmasq, etc.). Work is currently in progress on the next generation API, and perhaps after that is released then some of the interface requests can be addressed.


Closing as duplicate of any of the FR mentioned above.