New Login splash page/password?

I’ve recently updated to the latest & greatest(?) only to find the quick login page displaying top line stats that is presented on all my devices has now been replaced with the login screen asking for a password.

I’ve read the changes and see the following so obviously not an error;

Web interface improvements

New login splash page

This change will be the most immediately obvious to those that have their web interface behind a password.

Unauthenticated requests are now presented with a login page, and the previously seen data is now suppressed until a user is logged in.

With all due respect classing that as an improvement doesn’t make any sense to me IMHO.

It was so much neater & tidier before for a quick glance and if I wanted a deeper dive I would login and take a look.

Now I am forced to login just to take a quick look.

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of either reverting to the previous behaviour or at the very least presenting an option to choose between previous and latest behaviour is there please?

I am holding out hope because I remember reading a few years back that the devs would never include a temperature indicator in the status block but I noticed that long overdue ‘feature’ has found its way in at some point!

Thanks for listening.

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There is an open feature request for this:

And this may likely disappear in a future release. At one point this was added as a troubleshooting aid, but overtemp is not an issue in almost all cases.

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Thanks for the link jfb.

I was searching, reading, creating a new topic an typing on an iPhone with a cracked screen and just wanted to get it off my chest while it was on my mind.

I’ll have a read and add my voice when I’m in front of the PC later.

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Ah that would be a real shame IMHO.

I use various monitoring utilities on my Pi’s but it saves installing software or logging on and running a command just to see what the current temperature is.

I don’t suffer from overheating but it was a fantastic indicator telling me the temperature of my Pi had risen 10c by just swapping over two 1U racks from the same manufacturer.

It’s such a useful feature. Still I suppose even the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away! :wink:

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We recommend a complete monitoring suite for your Pi, which can show you the temperature and a number of other parameters of interest.

We are generally of the opinion that items not related to Pi-hole specifically should not be shown in the web admin GUI.

Just to quote myself from that thread:

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