I concatenated every BlockList I could find



It looks like you copied the whole command line and tried to run it again, which confuses linux really quickly.

Try just the following

 sudo systemctl status --no-pager --full dnsmasq.service


I was able to find the noise I was looking for in the pihole log today. Odd as I am pretty sure it was not there last night. Anyway, I now have a script chipping away at nuking the lines the Pi-hole did not like in it. After that perhaps some sorting and uniqing and I will have a start.

Thank all of you for your help!



I have updated my whitelist(https://github.com/raghavdua1995/DNSlock-PiHole-whitelist/blob/master/whitelist.list), you can pull new changes in your fork. Also I update the list frequently so it would be better to update your fork weekly.


hi guys, you are doing a great job with these lists. thankyou a lot for your work!

may someone help me with getting it right? i added this https://discourse.pi-hole.net/clicks/track?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsmokingwheels.github.io%2FPi-hole%2Fallhosts&post_id=18126&topic_id=5184
to pi holes adlist.list - i am quite sure, this is not the URL to be taken, which is the correct one?

at this time i do “only” have 3.024.916 domains on blocklist, how do i crack the 4M mark?

thanks for your help, it’s very appreciated.


How are you applying this entire list to your hole?


If that one goes to me, as said, I just copy/pasted that exact link into the adlist file and the count of blocked domains jumped from 1.2M to around 3M - but not to 4M. I am quite sure, using that link as it is is useless :roll_eyes:, somehow it collected the domains though :thinking:
And I would like to understand how to reach 4M blocked domains - or even 6M…


I was referring to your whitelist…

And I believe the number is like 4-5m where you will start to notice a slowdown in your network. I am right at 3.2 and if I am using a my main computer and my girlfriend is on the laptop and her phone we notice it starting to slow down a bit.


Here is the lists on github, I split some of the lists because of the upload file size limit.

This should take you over 4 M.
The yacysearchengine does block Google.


Both lists 350.7 mb alternate download.
Including Zerodotone lists.


I reduced all the data to 128.8 MB’s by adding the lists together and sorting it for improved speed in download time. I also removed a few errors from the domains.


You can add this to /admin/settings.php?tab=blocklists


Here is a blocklist for Windows 10 updates, useful if hot spotting from a phone to conserve data.


URL is very temporary because if I update, it will change.


Thanks for this hint:+1: However, I installed Pi-Hole a couple of days ago and Steven Black’s hosts file was one of the default lists added as https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/hosts . So shouldn’t this be changed?

Wow - a big list! I guess the risk of overblocking by using it is not negligible, is it?


Yeah, this should be left as is as Steven Black doesn’t provide his lists via GitHub Pages :slight_smile:


Hmm isn’t this his list ?


Youtube add blocker beta
Revision 1 9-8-2018


If you could let me know a video url that has adds with this list. Thanks

Add (Wildcard) to blocklist


I never had any luck with YouTube blocks. They either don’t work or break YouTube.


@DJ-BrianC You are welcome to give this one a go.


It is impossible to block all ads on youtube by pihole because pihole is only DNS related, some ads are on the same servers.
I use “uBlock Origin” in aditional to the pihole, never see any ad on youtube.


Nothing is impossible but Google is doing a damm good job.

It is like you have two cans and on the one stands coffee and on the other thee. This does not guarantee that there will be coffee in the can marked coffee and the same for the thee.
You have to open the can and smell and look to know the coffee you make, does not taste like thee.

UBlock Origin is running in the browser and so knows what the url is delivering and acts on it.


yeah, the guys behind google/youtube are very smart !
But in this case, i don’t want the thee and the coffee, i want the content where i look for, i don’t care about the can :grinning: