I concatenated every BlockList I could find



I rather thought of a more large scale approch using https://github.com/blechschmidt/massdns . I have some twisted ideas to condense large black lists in an automatic way. I will implement it in python the next days.


Cool I had a quick look at the massdns program.

I would be interested to know where some of these come from.

You are welcome to collect the bigger list from
Its one of those disposable clouds if I run low on money.


Lots of the proposed logs are no valid domains, I see…
I will grab the hosts file for evaluation, soon.


Now I am curious too :smiley:
But I like KISS too.
Bit crude checking only A records but will have results I hope soon (she is still running in VM):

while read DOMAIN; do (host -t a $DOMAIN 1> /dev/null) || echo $DOMAIN | tee -a ~/list.failed; done < /etc/pihole/list.preEventHorizon


Interesting 16% failed having an A record with the default lists.

$ wc -l list.preEventHorizon
106632 list.preEventHorizon

$ wc -l list.failed
17094 list.failed


just of curiosity: how long do you need for the 100k domains? some of the 17k will be aaaa record, ofcourse.


I started here 6 hours ago and think it finished in the last hour.
So it took 4 or 5 hours I guess on a 100mbit line.


well. i like kiss, too, but compiled massdns for the pi: it grabs 100k domains in 1min on a 10mbit line. just give it a try its quite simple, too.

note: we should spend more time in condensing blacklists and transfer to wildcard when possible, than cummulating just a lot of domains. my 2 ct.


I know now what I wanted to know :wink:
But always nice to know a more efficient way exists.


sorry, but at least the result should be the same. so, call it draw.


AAAA records:

while read DOMAIN; do (host -t aaaa $DOMAIN 1> /dev/null) || echo $DOMAIN | tee -a list.no.aaaa.too; done < list.failed

$ wc -l list.no.aaaa.too
17039 list.no.aaaa.too


still 16% waste of space/searchtime in dnsmasq. and, i think the basis list are quite well curated.


btw: what is the content of this files? they are not host files.


eg sally.example.com"w "+e.text

The Pihole logs pick up these when running a Yacy Search Engine crawling a site.
Also sometimes some websites have the “.local” as well not too sure what that means.

I have released a program in QB64 to extract your own logs for such invalid DNS names https://smokingwheels.github.io/qb64/piholelogext.bas.


If you want to use OneDrive please WhiteList these.

Highlight right to left and Right click and copy.

  1. 1drv.com
  2. onedrive.live.com


Text format for copy and paste of lists.

Updated from https://zerodot1.github.io/CoinBlockerLists/
Thank you to ZeroDot1 and all those who contribute to it.


Instagram is also blocked. I think thats not necessary ;D


Are unlisted now.


Lists updated
Github has hard limit of 100mb per file and a warning at 50 mb. I had a 150 mb file sneek in.

Text format of all blocklists.
Note: The yacysearchengine one blocks google


I know you said "yacysearchengine " blocks google but I have that one unchecked and google is still being blocked. How do I remove that list all together? I cant figure out which file is blocking google.