Explicit Search in Pi-hole Admin Console

When using the Query Log Search field, I can’t seem to search explicitly, even with quotation marks. For example I want to filter/search for IP, but instead I’m getting*, where the * is all other numbers as well.

Is there a way to do this through the admin console or must I use the terminal? Thanks.

Are you seeing all the other IP’s, or only those IPs that lead with (i.e.,, etc.).

Just ones that lead with, so for example and

This is normal and the same thing I see.

You can avoid this by mapping IPs to client names in either /etc/hosts or in a new configuration file in /etc/dnsmasq.d

Or, from the CLI, you can search the query log with grep "" /var/log/pihole.log

It’s the current behavior but I wouldn’t say it’s normal. A search for should return just that IP and not

I’ll agree with that. My comment was poorly worded and I intended it to mean that the OP’s Pi-hole was not malfunctioning.

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Well take it into suggestion then, thanks. And great work anyway you look at it ;).

I converted the post to a feature request.