Web interface settings for the Query Log page

Hi, I'd love to have some more controls on Settings > API / Web interface > Web Interface Settings:

  1. A multiline text field to edit the values of the 'Show entries' dropdown menu, and the ability to add more values.
  2. A way to choose the default number of queries (table rows), e.g. the first value in the previously mentioned list would be the default.
  3. A checkbox or radio button to have the 'Apply filtering on click on Type, Domain, and Clients' active or inactive by default, i.e. on page load.
  4. A set of number fields to set width percentages for Time, Type, Domain, Client, Status, and Action columns.
  5. A number field to set the default minutes or seconds for the last queries.

Do I need to post 5 different feature requests?

No need for 5 separate feature requests.


I would like to second this request and suggest a per client page like the dashboard when you click on one of the clients in the e.g. "Top Clients" section on the dashboard (in addition to the "Recent Queries").

I really would like to see with one click which DNS requests all the so called "smart stuff" in my network dispatches.

Let me know if I should open a separate request for this.

Thanks a lot for all the efforts which have been put into Pi-Hole,

You can already click on clients in the Top Clients list and see all the queries they made.

Well, exactly, thats why I wrote "a dashboard like" page but with per client stats.
Currently I can see all queries, but I can't get a nice per client overview like:

  • Query Types
  • Forward Destinations
  • Top Domain
  • Top Blocked Domains

Alternatively, just add a filter (drop-down list with clients) for the dashboard where the stats can be filtered per client.



Enhanced filtering is in the pipeline as well as more stats on per-client basis