Excluding domains from Saving to logs or stats

Expected Behaviour:

I am trying to see how pihole saves data to the pihole-FTL.db so I can keep certain domains from saving data at all. Namely, cdn.samsungcloudsolution.com
is being pinged 3k times an hour, making my graphs and logs next to useless. I found a few select statements in "/opt/pihole/query.sh" but nothing that writes the data anywhere.

Actual Behaviour:

My smart TV is sending 3k requests an hour, which is skewing my graphs and making my logs harder to dig through.

On the web interface use the Tools>Audit log and audit the domains you don't want to see.

After reading you message, I did the following, but can still see that domain in the Total queries, Client Activity, Top blocked domains and other reports on the homepage, as well as the query logs.

Steps taken:

  • Went to Tools>Audit log and clicked the Audit button next to the domain I wish to stop tracking. (This was done last night, around 2200)

  • I noticed the Domain was still being tracked, so decided to wait until the following day, in case using a new log file would help (I think there's a new log file each day at 0000, based off what I've seem on the forums, but I don't know for sure)

  • Checked this morning, and records were still being logged for this domain.

  • Looked online to verify I didn't miss a step, and came across this Audit Log Bug That was corrected in FTL version 5.1.2. Verified I was on the correct version (I am)

  • Updated Gravity and restarted the system, just to see if there was a setting that had to finish being applied.

  • As of now, The record for this Domain is missing from the Audit log page, but functionality appears to be the same. (I gave it about a half hour after restarting to make sure, before I replied)

(I hope this didn't come across as short or irritated or anything. Just wanted to make sure I included my steps, in case it helps find an answer)

Audit log is not the right tool for what you want.

Currently there is no way to exclude specific domains from being saved in the logs and stats.

There two feature request for exactly what you want

You can however, remove the domain from the "Top List"

The second FR seems closest to what I was after, so I went ahead and voted on it.

Ideally what I was after though was that the chosen Domains wouldn't get stored anywhere. The Pi-hole would block them silently.
I understand that that may be a lot more difficult than just filtering everything after the fact.

I used the Top Lists bit you mentioned though. while it still clogs up the query log, and inflates a lot of the numbers, it made drastic changes to the Client activity, which was my primary frustration. Thank you.

Ok, I see. But I guess any implementation "not showing/logging" a specific client would also include/mean not saving them. Maybe one day... :slight_smile:

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Here's hoping :crossed_fingers:
Thank you again

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