Add ability to exclude certain domains from query counts

For repeated domains that are constantly being forwarded/blocked because some IoT devices are sending DNS requests every few seconds, the percentage of block queries are extreme, and obfuscates real scenarios of normal internet usage. We should be able to exclude these domains, so the numbers can better reflect how many our regular DNS requests were forwarded/blocked.

We can exclude domains in Settings, then in Dashboard, we can have two options to choose to show the filtered results, or the unfiltered results.

As discussed in another thread [1] I really like to see the feature that DNS Queries is only showing the total amount after filtering.
In my case syncthing is doing a large amount of queries and is distorting the 'real' blocked ad statistics.

[1] Exclude some domains from top domains statistic on the web admin interface - #10 by herrwusel

I merged your FR into this one. After reading the topic you linked to both requests cover the same idea: exclude certain domains from being counted in the dashboard statistics.